Detailed Features

Here is a more comprehensive list of the features supported:

Modular Design Security

  • The modular design allows for better security polices which do not require PHP exec functions to be enabled in your web server. Those functions are often exploited by attackers, so having them disabled and a correct PHP configuration provides an extra layer of security to your web server.

Resources Friendly

  • Built in with configurable process priority level. Video compression is a resource intensive task, and when running along with other services such as web or database server, it is desirable to use a lower execution priority. This way other services running in your server that are more important are given preference.

Extended Compatibility

  • Tested to work with almost any version of FFmpeg, from FFmpeg version 0.5 to FFmpeg version 3.x.

Configurable Paths

  • Ability to set different paths for Source, Target, and Temporary folders. This allows to maximize disk I/O for systems with multiple drives.

Source Input Filter

  • Process every file in the source folder, filter by a list of file extensions or by using regular expression filters.
  • Advanced per-profile include / exclude rules based on source video dimensions. This allows processing the input file with the current profile only if the defined criteria is meet.
  • Advanced queue sorting options, global and per folder. You can sort the queue by file name, extensions, size or date. For example it can be used in combination with filename templates to transcode videos from the higher quality sources only.

Target Output Configuration

  • You can choose how the program will generate the new media files in your target folder. For example, reproduce the source folder structure, or output to the root of the target folder, create a subfolder named after the source video and put the encoded videos inside, etc.

File Management

  • Choose to skip video files already generated in the target folder, or overwrite them.
  • Configure the permissions for newly created files and folders.
  • Use of Filename Templates globally, or per profile, allowing to create advanced target video file names. You can use variables in the file names that contain the source file name, extension, format identifier, target format extenison, source / target / calculated widths and heights. You can even use regular expressions with fallback to variables or predefined values in case of no match.

Video Resize Modes

  • Choose between 4 different resize modes: Stretch, Proportional, MaxSide, Crop. You only need to set your desired video size and resize mode, and the program will calculate the correct dimensions based on the resize mode.

Misc Features

  • Define log level: Warnings or Error only.
  • Define a limited encoding time test mode. Set a duration in seconds to limit video encodings, to test new formats, etc.
  • Define a minimum amount of HD space available in order to continue processing media files.
  • Option to receive an email when encoding batch is completed.
  • Optionally collect source media file stats and execution time of each profile.

User Interface

  • Ultra simple web based user interface. Convert your video files directly in your server with a single mouse click.
  • Current status window that lets you know what media files are being converted at what time.
  • Detailed completion log for every converted video file with any error messages and warnings if desired.

Extensible Profiles

  • A simple text file defines the profiles with all the compression parameters, text and logo overlays for each desired target format.
  • Highly customizable encoding details. Almost full control of FFMpeg encoding parameters. We provide a wide number of default profiles that can be easily customized to match personal needs. Including many popular formats like h264, FLV, MPG, WMV, 3GP, and of course HTML5 video formats like WebM and OGG, which allows you to deliver rich video to your surfers without the need of Flash support.
  • Define Text Overlays, font, size, margins and gravity in a simple and intuitive manner.
  • Define Logo Overlays (even video overlays), with the same simplicity. Choose top-left, top-center, top-right, middle-left, middle-center, middle-right, bottom-left, bottom-center and bottom right, then the desired margins and transparency level.

Thumbnail Extraction

  • Allows to extract thumbnail images of your videos with a defined time interval.

Internet Friendly

  • Default profiles designed to create media files for internet usage.
  • Optimize MP4, MOV and FLV files for pseudo-streaming by using qt-faststart and flvtool2.

Multiple Formats Support

  • Uses FFmpeg which supports a huge amount of different input and ouput audio and video formats.
  • Not limited to video. You can extract the audio from video files to a MP3, ACC, OGG, WAV or AIFF audio file as included in our default profiles, or any other format you add to them.