Tremendum Transcoder

Tremendum Transcoder logoOur Video Transcoder is meant to be effective in the task of transcoding a large number of media files in a regular basis with a minimal effort.

Transcoding is the conversion of digital to digital encoding formats, sometimes referred as video conversion. For example you can upload to your server high resolution videos in almost any format, and have them automatically converted to multiple different formats with different resolutions and bitrates. Formats such as h264 MP4, Flash, Mov, Windows Media Video, 3GP, etc. while at the same time adding a watermark logo or text on top of them.

This is something that website operators often require to do a lot in order to provide their visitors with a rich variety of video formats, and Tremendum Transcoder simplifies this task.

It is designed in a way that once you have configured the video formats to your liking, the only thing you will need to do is a single click on the “start” button.

The logic is quite simple:

  1. Upload your videos
  2. Click the “Start” button, and wait for the encoding to finish.
  3. The new files will be generated in the target folder.

It has a flexible output file-naming configuration to make it easier to import your videos in 3rd party content management systems. It comes with a set of default encoding profiles that can be totally customized, and easily extended. If you want to replace your current video encoding workflow and have our program generate the same formats, we can create a set of custom profiles for you.

It uses FFmpeg to convert your media files, so this means that it supports a large amount of input and output media formats. You can run it on any server with FFmpeg installed, be it Linux, FreeBSD or Windows.

You can check the detailed features of Tremendum Transcoder, or ask us if you have any questions not answered here.